Midlands Management Corporation
Phone: 800.800.4007
Fax: 405.840.5432
Email: midlands@midman.com
Web: midlandsmgt.com

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In the event there has been an Emergency in your area and you are in need of assistance please utilize the following contact information:

Trust Administrator - Midlands Management Corpration - Donna Marsh - Charles Caldwell

Phone: 800.800.4007 - Fax: 405.840.5432 - E-mail: midlands@midman.com

Direct Phone Donna Marsh 405.898.8070 - E-mail Direct - dbmarsh@midman.com or cccaldwell@midman.com

Welcome to Beyond Coverage Live Midlands new Online Processing System.  This application is entirely web-based and requires no customized software to be installed on a User's computer.  Because the system uses advanced Internet technology, it does require the following FREE software to properly utilize the product:

1.  Internet Explorer 9.0 (or newer), Google's Chrome (latest version), Mozilla's Firefox (latest version), or Apple's Safari (latest version). For all browsers please make sure to disable any pop up blocker or add an exception for our site.

2.  Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 (or newer)

Please let us know if you have any questions or are in need of assistance accessing or utilizing the system.



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